Might Morphin’ Power Rangers: Dawn of a great new franchise?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hyped for the new Power Rangers movie to release in theaters.  Growing up, the Power Rangers were always #1- just ask my parents how much money they spent on toys, videos, etc., and you’ll be met with a disdainful glare.  Being the man-child that I am, I cannot wait for March 24th when it finally does come out, so here’s what I think about it so far.

Based on the trailers, it looks really different from the Power Rangers we grew up loving.  Cool effects, developed characters, and signs of good production value (gasp!) are what emerged from the first trailer.  This wont simply be a monster-of-the-week type movie or franchise should they be successful enough to build one.

It looks darker than I remember the Power Rangers being.  My first thoughts of the trailer were that this would be Power Rangers if it was directed by Zack Snyder.  It does resemble his work so far int he DCEU, with Zordon looking like the Kryptonian dots/beads/ whatever they were and the putty patrollers looking a lot like Doomsday.  At any rate, I think going this route was a studio decision and so far the only thing I don’t like.  Power Rangers is supposed to be a lot of fun, and while there is humor in the trailer, if they don’t icnclude the fun spirit we know Power Rangers for, I’m not so sure the movie will be as good as it could have been.  I mean, look at any of the Fantastic Four movies- they did not capture the adventurous, fun essence of Marvel’s first family, and those movies were turdfests from start to end.

The cast looks great.  I can’t say much about the Rangers themselves considering they are all unknown at this point, but the supporting characters are impeccable.  Bryan Cranston is, well, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks looks awesome as Rita Repulsa, and Bill Hader will, in my opinion, bring the necessary humor that is needed to play Alpha 5.  Hopefully, they will carry the film if the young actors can’t, and will continue to appear in their roles should a franchise be born.

I’m a little disappointed they couldn’t make the megazord or their suits look like their original MMPR counterparts, but they still look pretty cool. If a franchise should be born out of this, I’d say to look out for a few obvious things: Tommy, hopefully as the white and green ranger, Lord Zed, appearances from the original rangers in roles, and potentially even Ivan Ooze.  That would be wild.

Are you gonna see this film?  Were you a fan of the original series?  Let me know your thoughts about it and how you think this movie is gonna do.  As always, be sure to follow me on instagram: @keithscreen.  Also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to message me or leave a comment.  Thanks for reading!


Review: Logan, and what this means for the X-Men moving forward

An era definitely came to and end on Friday when Logan hit theaters.  I will keep the spoilers to a minimum here in case any of you haven’t seen it.  And if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you doing here?  This is something you need to go see as soon as possible, because it is, without a doubt, one of the best comic book movies ever.

Now, the gold standard for comic book adaptations is The Dark Knight, and I don’t ever see that changing.  That being said, Logan came pretty close in a few respects.  The raw emotion of the movie was something that was way  out of left field and was the driving force behind the movie.  That is something that was wrong with the X-Men movies we generally do not like- X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand come to mind- isthat they do not have enough emotion behind them.  Yes, effects are cool, especially in this universe where many of the characters have incredible powers.  Yet, any old movie can have effects, and the comic book movies that leave impressions are the ones that convey emotion the best.  The Dark Knight was phenomenal in this regard, but dare I say Logan is even better, simply because there’s not as many characters and they all did a great job of giving the movie the gravitas it needed to close out this chapter.

Speaking of the performances, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and all the others who we haven’t seen before brought their A-game.  It will be sad to see them go, as they are part of our collective memory now, but they did it on their terms, didn’t let the characters get boring, and made sure that we the fans would be satisfied by their final outings.  Fox needs to wait a while before they cast anyone else as Wolverine; I’d argue against it entirely, but they are trying to make money, and Wolverine will sell.  Nobody else is as iconic in their superhero role now, and Jackman will be remembered as Wolverine forever.  I’d like to say the same for Patrick Stewart, but in his three times playing Charles Xavier, James McAvoy brought the heat, especially in the appreciated-but-highly underrated X-Men: First Class.

The movie was a bloodbath from start to finish, not taking its R-rating for granted.  For a  movie so emotional, there is a ton of bloody, gory, glorious violence, and it really complements the emotion well.  It looks incredibly bleak, which goes well with the story.  the direction of the film was great; we knew what James Mangold could do after he did The Wolverine, but this movie took it to the next level.  Oh, and the soundtrack was perfect.  All those emotions were captured beautifully in the songs chosen.  Not wanting to give too much away, because there’s a lot of surprises in the move, the ending was the best part.  After all the movie’s events, we are left with this one scene that defines Jackman’s time as Wolverine, and personally, I thought it was executed flawlessly.  Last impressions are as meaningful as first impressions, and if this is what we have to remember Logan and Wolverine by, we are very blessed indeed.  In short, the movie was an absolutely perfect end to an iconic legacy.

Final grade for Logan: A+++++.

Back to business.  What does this mean for the X-Men in film now that the anchor of the franchise is gone?  Well, a few things.  One, since they recast all the important X-Men last summer in Apocalypse, I think we’ll see a few movies with that young and talented cast.  Hopefully Fox will smarten up and get someone other than Bryan Singer to direct; at this point his work is stale, and both us and the cast deserve better.  Marvel and DC are always trying out new things (those things may not always work out, but giving them a shot is admirable) so Fox should try some as well,  so long as those new things are thought out well and not a repeat of Fant4stic.  If we can get one more film out of James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Fassbender- who all have bigger fish to fry in terms of the roles they get- with this newer cast that is not an origin story, the X-Men will have changed their course for the better and we can rest easy knowing that it is in good hands with this new generation.  We need to see newer stories and different stories, because with Singer at the helm, we have simply seen all he can do.

Did you see Logan? Did you think it was as good I as think it is?  let me know, and let me know what you think of the X-Men too.  As always, follow me on instagram so you don’t miss any posts.

Breath of the Wild: Initial Thoughts

First things first, Nintendo definitely delivered.  I spent most of my weekend playing this game and I was hooked from the first second of it.  Here are some of the highlights so far:

Plays great.  Any way you cut it, this game is a first for anyone playing it- the first Zelda game for Wii U or the Switch.  The game uses the console technology well, which up to this point (for the Wii U) was grossly underutilized.  By making the  most of the system, which includes the control scheme and the physics of the game, Nintendo was able to take what was a great game story-wise and follow through on things like how it plays which do make a big difference.

Huge map. A lot of this game is spent wandering from place to place, like in any Zelda game.  Yet, this one is different because of the added elements of food, hunting, and making your own elixirs and the like.   Yes, once you’ve visited a tower or shrine you can  warp to it, but walking through the various landscapes the game offers is the best thing to do to pick up supplies, weapons, and food.  And you will be doing a lot of walking,  because Hyrule is massive.

Story is a banger. I won’t go into too much detail here in case any of you haven’t played it yet.  I went in with a blank slate in terms of story and I will say I am blown away by it.  I really shouldn’t expect anything different from this series, but hey, after waiting so long, can you blame me for not having the highest expectation?  Anyway, I haven’t gotten too far into the game, so I can’t say how it will develop further, but so far, I could not be more pleased.

Music is awesome. No Zelda game is complete without a great soundtrack.  In terms of this one, I am blown away.  Many unique sounds and instruments were used to create this game’s soundtrack, and the results are fantastic.  Every area has its own music which fits perfectly with the feel and view of it.  And, of course, there are the timeless themes we all know and love, and they sound better than ever in HD.

Looks fantastic. When I first saw the trailer for the game, the graphics were the one thing I took away from it.  Kinda Windwaker-y, but less cartoonish, this game looks beautiful.  All the characters, landscapes, shrines, etc., look incredible.  The visuals to the game are important because they enhance the feeling of wilderness that Nintendo wants us to feel.  As soon as I started playing I fell in love with this game’s look.  It only got better once I found out how great everything else about it is.

Final Thoughts: if you haven’t already, go out and get it.  I can’t wait to come home from work today just so I can dive right back in.  If you l0ve Zelda like I do, you will feel right at home.  If you don’t have that same appreciation, this is a great place to start.  A perfect pairing of the old and the new, Breath of the Wild is easily my favorite game in recent memory.

What do you think of this game?  Do you share my sentiment or were you disappointed?  Let me know, and as always be sure to follow me on instagram: @keithscreen.

What we can expect from Iron Fist

Two weeks away from its Netflix premiere, Iron Fist has already generated some buzz around itself, and not all of it is positive.  Obviously, fitting into the already stellar Defenders lineup, we have lofty expectations and rightfully so.  Yet, Netflix got themselves into a little bit of a mess by casting white actor Finn Jones to play Danny Rand, sparking an outrage that they did not cast an Asian actor to play a character who is a martial arts master (even though Danny is white in the comics).  In any case, I won’t get into that, as that’s not the purpose of this blog, but I felt the need to mention it because it is one of the big things to know heading into the series- some people already have a negative perception of it.

The fourth Defender, and the final one before Netflix comes out with The Defenders, the tone of the show will be familiar.  Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones comprise the lower-level heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Univerese, and while htey may not be travelling between dimensions or fighting evil robots, these heroes are much darker and more captivating than their colleagues on the big screen.  Iron Fist should be no different, as we can expect the dark, dramatic feel to continue through this show as well.

Finn Jones is a face familiar to many through his time on Game of Thrones.  Personally, I think casting him was a good choice.   He is familiar enough but still not popular enough for us to have any real impression of what his performance will be like, similar to how we did not really know the other three stars of the Defenders shows before those came out, aside from maybe one or two things that we had seen those actors in.  As always, we know to expect familiar faces, such as Rosario Dawson, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Wai Ching Ho who played Gao previously in this Netflix subset of the MCU.  Building up to the Defenders, familiar faces are always welcome to create that sense of a shared universe, and those actors have all done a fantastic job so far in their roles.

Going back to the buildup of the Defenders, we should expect to see a lot of crossover in that regard.  We didn’t get much of it in Luke Cage which was a little disappointing, but with this being the last stop on Marvel and Netflix’s path to the Defenders, I think we may see the other titular heroes at some point.

Iron Fist as a comic book series was never popular until they paired him with Luke Cage.  Also, we already have another martial-arts centered hero in this universe in Daredevil.  I think that Iron Fist will be slightly out of place at first, but as the series progresses he will find his niche in this universe, and I have high expectations for this show.  Luke Cage lost a lot of steam once Cottonmouth died, and rightfully so- Mahershala Ali brought a lot of charisma to the screen and replacing him with anyone would have been difficult.  Daredevil‘s second season was a let down for some people, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.  And last but not least, I have been itching to see more of Jessica Jones, because the first season was so good and completely out of nowhere- I have certainly never seen a comic book adaptation quite like that one.  Season 2 of that won’t get here soon enough.

How do you think the show will do?  Where do you think it will rank among the other Marvel series on Netflix?  Let me know and be sure to follow me on instagram (keithscreen) so you don’t miss anything.

All episodes of Iron Fist  will be available to stream on Netflix on March 17.

10 best old school NBA uniforms

10. Chicago Bulls- Few things are more iconic than the Bulls in the 1990s. These jerseys are no exception to that rule.  Clean, easily identifiable, and unquestionably ’90s with the pinstripes, these are still hot today.

Image result for chicago bulls alternate jersey michael jordan

9. Houston Rockets- these are fresh.  Something about pinstripes and a giant image of whatever the team is named after really gets me.  Unlike anything else the Rockets ever wore, these were made popular during Yao Ming’s time in Clutch City.

Image result for yao ming rockets

(Bonus: This fuego senior-picture type photoshoot from Yao and Stevie Franchise himself.)

8. Seattle Supersonics- this is a color palette we don’t see much in sports, which is a shame.  Maybe it’s better that the franchise left Seattle and became the Thunder, as if they designed a modern look for these colors, I’m not sure justice would be done.  Sorry, Seattle, but at least the Sonics will always be a good looking team. RIP.

Image result for ray allen sonics

7. Los Angeles Lakers- not much different from the uniforms they wear today, which are among the best in sports.  Purple numbers as opposed to the current white, the white outline on them, and the scoop neck collar are the only big differences between these and the new ones, but in my opinion, these are much better and I’m always excited to see when today’s Lakers pull them out.

Image result for shaq lakers dunk

6. Chicago Bulls- their second entry on the list.  Before MJ really took off, they wore these red uniforms with “Chicago” written on the front in cursive.  Name literally anything more iconic than MJ at the dunk contest his rookie year, wearing the 1s, this uniform, and the gold chain. I dare you.

Image result for michael jordan dunk contest 1985

5. Toronto Raptors- again we have some stripes to go along with a giant image of the team’s mascot.  I’m surprising myself but not putting this higher because it is an absolute gem, but hey, they look really dated, which is why they aren’t higher on this list.  If pictures of dinosaurs on jerseys were still in style in the year of our Lord 2017, it may have been higher, but for now #5 will have to suffice.

Related image

4. Charlotte Hornets- Pinstripes and a unique color lands the Hornets at #4.  Ask just about anyone who lived through the ’90s and they will tell you teal was violently overused on sports uniforms, but the Hornets a rare instance where it actually works.  The new Hornets uniforms take inspiration from these, but they can’t hold a candle to them.

Image result for larry johnson hornets

3.Utah Jazz- worn during the height of the Jazz’s success, these mountain-inspired uniforms are synonymous with Jazz greats Karl Malone and John Stockton.  After these the Jazz went into a uniform identity crisis of sorts, not knowing whether to use the mountain-inspired look or go back to their roots as the New Orleans Jazz.  Their current uniforms definitely embrace the old-school Jazz identity, and they’re good, but these are timeless and define the team’s most successful period.

Image result for karl malone jazz

2. Orlando Magic- going back to the early days of one of the league’s newest teams, the uniforms they wore in that era are incomparable to anything they wore after.  Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe it’s simply that these were a dope look in white, blue, or black, but when it was Penny and Shaq playing together, bad things were bound to happen to the other team, and they could not look better while doing so.

Image result for penny hardaway magic

1. Phoenix Suns- specifically the purple ones.  The black ones are fire too, but the purple is just too hot, about as hot as the sun to be specific.  It’s a shame the Suns uniforms have only gone downhill since they wore these bad boys, but then again, anything they donned after these would have been a downgrade.

Image result for charles barkley suns

Leaked Assassins Creed: Empires screenshot?

An image recently surfaced that could possibly be from the newest Assassins Creed game.  Known as Empires, the game is set in ancient Egypt and will release this year, after Ubisoft took a year off from producing a game in this series.

It is not confirmed that this screenshot is from the series, but there are a few hints that lead people to believe it.  The character has a shield on his back that has a symbol resembling the familiar “Assassin” symbol we’ve seen so many times.  Also, we know the game is set in Egypt, and it definitely looks like this character is walking into a pyramid.  Some have speculated that it is from a new Prince of Persia game that may be in the works at Ubisoft, but I’m convinced it is from the new AC.

Image from Reddit

The series trended downward after Desmond’s story ended, hitting a major low with 2014’s Unity, which was a disaster in almost every aspect, aside from its setting (at least in my opinion.)  The game was just absolute basura.  That being said, the  most recent release, Syndicate, was a solid game.  It did not get the series back to the level it was before the Desmond saga ended, but it was fun, captivating, and set up the major sci-fi storyline that has been missing since Desmond’s story ended.

I hope by taking a year off, Ubisoft got their act together and created a game that is worthy of bearing the Assassins’s Creed name.  I love ancient Egypt, so I may be biased, but I’m excited for this game to come out and to see if it can restore some glory to this franchise.


My top 5 Legend of Zelda games

A little less than a week until Breath of the Wild releases, I thought I might as well share my top 5 games from the series.

#5: Twilight Princess. Starting off my list is one of the more recent releases in the series.  This game was a launch day title for the Wii (and Gamecube) all the way back in 2006, and it holds up as one of the best titles on the Wii.   The story was pretty good, the graphics were great for the time, and it introduced some characters that fit really well within the whole Zelda canon.  It was nice getting back to some land after The Wind Waker‘s seafaring journey, and the game made the best out of the technology the Wii had to offer.  On a side note, holy crap, this game came out over ten years ago? Anyway.  I thought Wolf Link was overdone, but that’s really my only complaint. The game still feels good today, good enough to get a 3D makeover for Wii U virtual console.  Maybe that can be attributed to us only getting one real Zelda game for console after this one, but hey, it’s a strong game nonetheless.

Image result for twilight princess

#4: Ocarina of Time.  I’m gonna catch some heat for this, but Ocarina is #4 in my opinion. Many fans would have this as a #1, but there are a few reasons why I have it at #4.  Again, this is a personal list, and I haven’t spent enough time with this game to truly love it like I love the higher entries on the list.  That being said, if there was one definitive Zelda game, this would probably be it for good reason.  The music is iconic, the gameplay is legendary, and somehow we all played this as children and didn’t get frustrated beyond belief, unlike how we get today when we can’t progress in a game.  Maybe that’s just me, but hey, I lie awake at night thinking how I ever managed to advance in games like this when I was a child.  At any rate, the game is a classic, and for good reason.

Image result for ocarina of time

#3: A Link to the Past.  Disclaimer: I’ve only ever played this for virtual console, but I love it nonetheless.  Going way back for this one, A Link to the Past is incredible, and even though it looks dated, the game itself is as fresh as ever.  The early games in this series prove that it doesn’t have to be high-tech to stand among the best in a series.  The story of this game is  so good, so consequential, and so important to the Zelda mythos that not putting it on this list is probably punishable by law.  When coming up with the list I felt obligated to put an older game on, but no obligation is necessary; those games can stand their ground with the best of the best. Also, it has a sequel for 3DS, which is worth playing as well.  To put it simply, the classics are classics for a reason.

Image result for a link to the past

#2: Majora’s Mask.  Ah, this game is a dark horse in the series for some reason.  Even by the series’ own standards, it’s pretty weird and it doesn’t really get too much love compared to other games in the series.  That being said, I love this game.  The puzzle aspect is as strong in this game as any Zelda entry, in no small part due to the constant 3 day cycle we have all repeated time and time again.  The game just feels different than any other entry- it has its own unique flavor with the Termina setting, all the different masks, all the tiny Easter eggs and other things that are so easily missed contribute to the game’s claustrophobic sensibility.  Plus, the art in this game is striking.  The moon, the Zora domain, and even the forest where the game starts all have their own unique look that are somehow related, which is part of the game’s allure.  Maybe not everyone’s favorite Zelda game, but it was and remains absolute fire.

Image result for majora's mask

#1: The Wind Waker.  This was my first love in terms of Zelda games and easily the one I’ve spent the most time with.  Every time I play it I clearly remember the first time playing it at a hotel and being totally drawn in by it- it was so different than anything I ever played before.  This game is what I think of when I think of Zelda.  The game broke new ground in terms of the series, ditching dry land (because dry land is for bitches) and putting us on a boat and making us navigate the seas.  The story isn’t the greatest, even among the other entries on this list, but it still feels like it has consequences.  Oh, and did I mention how dope this game looks?  It still looks better than almost anything Nintendo has released since then, which is not knocking Nintendo, but praising this game in particular.  I am one of those people who do think graphics matter, and in this case, the graphics just take me to a simpler time, one where Nintendo didn’t constantly let us down.

Related image

What do you think of the list?  Would you change the order?  Include different games?  Let me know, and also let me know if you would like to see more lists, I have  few things I’d like to make lists for.  As always, follow me on IG: keithscreen so you don’t miss anything.  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes out Friday, March 3rd.


Preview- Fargo, Season 3

The writing bug caught me this morning, so here comes my second preview for another April TV premiere- season 3 of Fargo.

I will be completely honest, I have no details as to what this season will be about.  We know about the cast and that this season is set in 2010, but nothing else.  Just under two months away from the season’s premiere, we have very little to go on.  That being said, having nothing to go on is the best thing going for this season.  With a great cast and a time frame that lends to having characters who have previously appeared come back, there are infinite possibilities.  Let’s get into them.

When I found out that Ewan McGregor would be this season’s lead, I did backflips.  When I found out that he would be playing two lead roles on the show, I almost started crying.  Ewan McGregor is a perfect fit for this series, having both the dramatic range and comedic prowess to navigate Noah Hawley’s twisted universe.   In my opinion, McGregor will shine, and I can’t wait to see how he does, as I’ve never seen him in television before.  I think McGregor will be the best part of the season, simply because he’s just so good and in two roles, he’s going to get a lot of face time.  However, he doesn’t have to carry th eload himself, because the rest of the cast is stellar.  Carrie Coon from Gone Girl plays the female lead, the chief of the local police.   While Gone Girl the only thing I’ve seen her in, she was great and I want to see  more of her ability.

Something present in season 1 but not season 2 was a really bizarre casting choice that only made sense when we saw it unfold on screen.  Season 1 had the likes of Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and Glenn Howerton all in fairly important roles, and they crushed those roles without a doubt.  Season 2 lacked this, although the casting could not have been any better, especially Bokeem Woodbine, who stole every secene he was in and was rightfully nominated for an Emmy.  Season 3 brings back the trend of comedic actors in the show, introducing Jim Gaffigan to the fold.  I don’t know what his role is yet but honestly, will it matter?  He’s going to be great- I think he’ll take the humor to the next level and make the show uncomfortable at times, which is its biggest strength and part of the reason why it navigates between dark comedy and serious drama so effortlessly.  Also, David Thewlis is cast as a “true capitalist,” according to the official logline.  This is an interesting choice, because Thewlis does have a previous Coen Brothers connection as as Knox Harrington.  This is only great news as we know there is someone who is in familiar territory as far as the tone of the show is concerned.

The 2010 setting is fun.  It gives Noah Hawley the opportunity to build off season 1 as well as season 2, as season 1 took place in 2006 and season 2 took place before then and was directly related to the characters of season 1.  There is the possibility we do see old characters come back, and I know there will be connections between all three seasons and perhaps even the movie, as there was a connection to the movie from season 1- Stavros Milos finding Steve Buscemi’s briefcase full of cash.  Things are more modern in this season’s setting, and we do know that technology will play some sort of role.  Carrie Coon’s aforementioned character is newly divorced and discovers that people are spending more and more time on their phones.  Personally, I want to see how Hawley spins this as there will be some sort of commentary on today’s dependency on phones/social media that will leave some character in a bad situation.  Season 3 is going to be a lot of fun if that happens.

Without knowing much more than that, it’s hard to get a grasp on where the show is going, but that’s all part of the ride.  And I feel like it will be an incredible ride.  If we get more information on where the plot is going, I’ll be sure to write more about it.  Season 1 was phenomenal, season 2 was somehow better, and if season 3 continues the upward trend, we are in for a serious treat.

Let me know if you liked this, or if you have any suggestions.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss any posts: keithscreen.

Fargo season 3 premieres on April 19th on FX.

Preview: Better Call Saul, Season 3

It’s hard to put into words how great April will be for TV.   It all starts April 10th when season 3 of Better Call Saul comes out, so here are my thoughts on that.

Going into the series, we already knew what to expect in certain regards.  However, I personally did not see it coming- it referring to what a beast of TV this show became.  Sure it’s not Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead in terms of popularity, but you would be hard pressed to find shows that are better in every single regard than Better Call Saul.  While we have seen plenty of Breaking Bad-style flair to the way the show is created and run, it has developed its own unique flavor that takes the best of ‘Bad combines it with a dark, twisty sense of humor, incredible atmosphere, and best of all, a great sense of showmanship.  Vince Gilligan has us all eating out of the palm of his hand.  That said, let’s dive into what we can expect from season 3.

Now that we know Jimmy better- and I like to differentiate Saul from Jimmy, as when Saul is introduced in season 2 of Breaking Bad, he’s a full fledged character Jimmy, meanwhile, is naive when we meet him and we don’t yet see how sleazy he can be- we see Jimmy take his first steps into his Saul transformation at the end of season 2.  I’m not going to spoil anything, but the major event as far as Jimmy is concerned is where I feel he begins to turn into the “criminal lawyer” Jesse refers to him as so endearingly.  We will see what Chuck does about this and how it will shape Jimmy moving forward, and whether that jades him even further or perhaps has larger consequences.

So far, there has been only one promo for the show, done as a commercial for a familiar face’s chain of fried chicken restaurants.  Yes, Gus Fring is back, and I am so excited to see how he plays with the other familiar faces we have seen so far in the show- namely the Salamanca twins and their Tio, who is looking a lot better than he did in Breaking Bad.  Perhaps we’re about to see some of Gus’ handiwork in that regard?  Who knows.  What I do know is that Vince Gilligan knows we’re addicted to this and that he recognizes the value of fan service.  Seriously, there has been so much fan service on the show so far, and I love every second of it.  It does not feel forced which is the better part about it; Gilligan knows what we want and he’s so good at what he does that bringing back these characters we came to love is seamless, even in a new-ish setting with different rules and roles.  I can’t wait to see what Gus brings to the series because it will be absolutely bananas.

Speaking of old faces, Mike’s role in the series has been one of many bright spots.  When we last saw Mike he was about to do something foolish, and we will absolutely see how that plays out in season 3, and with Gus coming back, I just know deep down in my soul that there will be a fried chicken restaurant-sized curveball coming at us with the addition of Gus into the mix.  As for Kim and Jimmy’s relationship, it is something I look forward to see develop further as Jimmy sinks further and further and eventually metamorphoses into Saul.  Kim is the best influence in Jimmy’s life, and he knows that, but he also knows that he does not want to hurt Kim- I will be paying attention to every detail of their interactions to predict what will happen with them and if Kim will get wrapped up in some of Jimmy’s less savory activities.

Season 3 of Breaking Bad is where I feel the series became itself, taking on bigger challenges in terms of story and cashing them in for massive payouts.  I see the same thing happening here, and while I have no idea what we’re in store for, I know this season of Better Call Saul will be absolute gas.

Better Call Saul season 3 premiers on April 10th on AMC.

Sneaker Review- Air Jordan 8 “Alternate”

First time posting a sneaker review, I hope you enjoy it.  Pics are my own.

The Air Jordan 8 “Alternate” released today and I’m glad I got my hands on a pair.  I’ve wanted these ever since I saw they would be releasing a few months ago, and I must say they were worth the wait.  The Jordan 8 is not my favorite shoe, and not really iconic in any sense other than that Michael won his third ring in these, but it is a hot shoe nonetheless.  I’ll admit I was bummed out not to cop the Jordan 8 “Take Flight” when they released earlier this year, because those were absolute fire.  In that case, I guess these are a nice consolation prize.

Displaying IMG_20170225_133351232.jpg

First of all, it’s a really clean looking shoe.  For not being an OG colorway, it still has some OG flair to it; it definitely could have been released back in 1993.   As I said earlier, I’m not the biggest fan of the 8, but the silhouette is nice, the cross-straps make it unique among the earlier pairs of Jordans, and the red and black accents throughout give it that old-school Bulls vibe.  The inside has a nice pattern going on, which just adds to the appeal of the shoe.  True to form, the Jumpman on the tongue is fuzzy, which is unique among Jordans but also contributes to the 8 being among the heaviest of them.  But hey, let’s be honest, we’re not actually playing basketball in these, so weight is not an issue.

The quality on these is spot-on in my opinion.  The leather is a nice consistency, the perforation on the cross straps add a textured element, and my pair does not have any blemishes on it.  For being an earlier model it is very comfortable and I feel like I could definitely rock these all day without a problem.  The tongue and back both have pull-tabs for getting them on and off easily; the back tab even has some nice detailing on it with “1993” written.

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There are a lot of small details on the shoe which I do like.  Even though it a clean colorway, the shoe itself can be a little busy at times, which is why you don’t see many 8s with crazy colorways- most of the color, if any at all, is on the lower part of the shoe.

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The design there is old school and really makes the shoe.  The black part of the midsole is glittery, so my apologies for not having a camera good enough to adequately capture that.  Of course, you have “Air Jordan” written on the cross strap as you do with any 8.

Displaying IMG_20170225_133547183.jpg

Closing thoughts:  Dope for sure.  I had to go a half size down because Foot Locker was sold out of size 12, but it was no problem, 11.5 fits just fine, so if you do have to go down a half size I wouldn’t sweat it.  These will look good with any jeans and will look great with shorts, maybe with some mid-calf socks to go along with them.   If you’re on the fence, I would say to go for it and buy these, the quality is good, colorway is dope, and it stands out from stuff that has already released this year and upcoming releases.

I hope you liked this.  If you do let me know and I’ll do more sneaker-related posts in the future.