Leaked Assassins Creed: Empires screenshot?

An image recently surfaced that could possibly be from the newest Assassins Creed game.  Known as Empires, the game is set in ancient Egypt and will release this year, after Ubisoft took a year off from producing a game in this series.

It is not confirmed that this screenshot is from the series, but there are a few hints that lead people to believe it.  The character has a shield on his back that has a symbol resembling the familiar “Assassin” symbol we’ve seen so many times.  Also, we know the game is set in Egypt, and it definitely looks like this character is walking into a pyramid.  Some have speculated that it is from a new Prince of Persia game that may be in the works at Ubisoft, but I’m convinced it is from the new AC.

Image from Reddit

The series trended downward after Desmond’s story ended, hitting a major low with 2014’s Unity, which was a disaster in almost every aspect, aside from its setting (at least in my opinion.)  The game was just absolute basura.  That being said, the  most recent release, Syndicate, was a solid game.  It did not get the series back to the level it was before the Desmond saga ended, but it was fun, captivating, and set up the major sci-fi storyline that has been missing since Desmond’s story ended.

I hope by taking a year off, Ubisoft got their act together and created a game that is worthy of bearing the Assassins’s Creed name.  I love ancient Egypt, so I may be biased, but I’m excited for this game to come out and to see if it can restore some glory to this franchise.



3 thoughts on “Leaked Assassins Creed: Empires screenshot?

      1. Yeah definitely. Move out from North America and Europe. One of the reasons why Black Flag is my favorite is because of the tropical setting (and because PIRATES!). My dream Assassin’s Creed is still one set in Feudal Japan, but Ubisoft seems determined to not give fans what they want.

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