Breath of the Wild: Initial Thoughts

First things first, Nintendo definitely delivered.  I spent most of my weekend playing this game and I was hooked from the first second of it.  Here are some of the highlights so far:

Plays great.  Any way you cut it, this game is a first for anyone playing it- the first Zelda game for Wii U or the Switch.  The game uses the console technology well, which up to this point (for the Wii U) was grossly underutilized.  By making the  most of the system, which includes the control scheme and the physics of the game, Nintendo was able to take what was a great game story-wise and follow through on things like how it plays which do make a big difference.

Huge map. A lot of this game is spent wandering from place to place, like in any Zelda game.  Yet, this one is different because of the added elements of food, hunting, and making your own elixirs and the like.   Yes, once you’ve visited a tower or shrine you can  warp to it, but walking through the various landscapes the game offers is the best thing to do to pick up supplies, weapons, and food.  And you will be doing a lot of walking,  because Hyrule is massive.

Story is a banger. I won’t go into too much detail here in case any of you haven’t played it yet.  I went in with a blank slate in terms of story and I will say I am blown away by it.  I really shouldn’t expect anything different from this series, but hey, after waiting so long, can you blame me for not having the highest expectation?  Anyway, I haven’t gotten too far into the game, so I can’t say how it will develop further, but so far, I could not be more pleased.

Music is awesome. No Zelda game is complete without a great soundtrack.  In terms of this one, I am blown away.  Many unique sounds and instruments were used to create this game’s soundtrack, and the results are fantastic.  Every area has its own music which fits perfectly with the feel and view of it.  And, of course, there are the timeless themes we all know and love, and they sound better than ever in HD.

Looks fantastic. When I first saw the trailer for the game, the graphics were the one thing I took away from it.  Kinda Windwaker-y, but less cartoonish, this game looks beautiful.  All the characters, landscapes, shrines, etc., look incredible.  The visuals to the game are important because they enhance the feeling of wilderness that Nintendo wants us to feel.  As soon as I started playing I fell in love with this game’s look.  It only got better once I found out how great everything else about it is.

Final Thoughts: if you haven’t already, go out and get it.  I can’t wait to come home from work today just so I can dive right back in.  If you l0ve Zelda like I do, you will feel right at home.  If you don’t have that same appreciation, this is a great place to start.  A perfect pairing of the old and the new, Breath of the Wild is easily my favorite game in recent memory.

What do you think of this game?  Do you share my sentiment or were you disappointed?  Let me know, and as always be sure to follow me on instagram: @keithscreen.


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