Sneaker Review- Air Jordan 8 “Alternate”

First time posting a sneaker review, I hope you enjoy it.  Pics are my own.

The Air Jordan 8 “Alternate” released today and I’m glad I got my hands on a pair.  I’ve wanted these ever since I saw they would be releasing a few months ago, and I must say they were worth the wait.  The Jordan 8 is not my favorite shoe, and not really iconic in any sense other than that Michael won his third ring in these, but it is a hot shoe nonetheless.  I’ll admit I was bummed out not to cop the Jordan 8 “Take Flight” when they released earlier this year, because those were absolute fire.  In that case, I guess these are a nice consolation prize.

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First of all, it’s a really clean looking shoe.  For not being an OG colorway, it still has some OG flair to it; it definitely could have been released back in 1993.   As I said earlier, I’m not the biggest fan of the 8, but the silhouette is nice, the cross-straps make it unique among the earlier pairs of Jordans, and the red and black accents throughout give it that old-school Bulls vibe.  The inside has a nice pattern going on, which just adds to the appeal of the shoe.  True to form, the Jumpman on the tongue is fuzzy, which is unique among Jordans but also contributes to the 8 being among the heaviest of them.  But hey, let’s be honest, we’re not actually playing basketball in these, so weight is not an issue.

The quality on these is spot-on in my opinion.  The leather is a nice consistency, the perforation on the cross straps add a textured element, and my pair does not have any blemishes on it.  For being an earlier model it is very comfortable and I feel like I could definitely rock these all day without a problem.  The tongue and back both have pull-tabs for getting them on and off easily; the back tab even has some nice detailing on it with “1993” written.

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There are a lot of small details on the shoe which I do like.  Even though it a clean colorway, the shoe itself can be a little busy at times, which is why you don’t see many 8s with crazy colorways- most of the color, if any at all, is on the lower part of the shoe.

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The design there is old school and really makes the shoe.  The black part of the midsole is glittery, so my apologies for not having a camera good enough to adequately capture that.  Of course, you have “Air Jordan” written on the cross strap as you do with any 8.

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Closing thoughts:  Dope for sure.  I had to go a half size down because Foot Locker was sold out of size 12, but it was no problem, 11.5 fits just fine, so if you do have to go down a half size I wouldn’t sweat it.  These will look good with any jeans and will look great with shorts, maybe with some mid-calf socks to go along with them.   If you’re on the fence, I would say to go for it and buy these, the quality is good, colorway is dope, and it stands out from stuff that has already released this year and upcoming releases.

I hope you liked this.  If you do let me know and I’ll do more sneaker-related posts in the future.