10 best old school NBA uniforms

10. Chicago Bulls- Few things are more iconic than the Bulls in the 1990s. These jerseys are no exception to that rule.  Clean, easily identifiable, and unquestionably ’90s with the pinstripes, these are still hot today.

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9. Houston Rockets- these are fresh.  Something about pinstripes and a giant image of whatever the team is named after really gets me.  Unlike anything else the Rockets ever wore, these were made popular during Yao Ming’s time in Clutch City.

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(Bonus: This fuego senior-picture type photoshoot from Yao and Stevie Franchise himself.)

8. Seattle Supersonics- this is a color palette we don’t see much in sports, which is a shame.  Maybe it’s better that the franchise left Seattle and became the Thunder, as if they designed a modern look for these colors, I’m not sure justice would be done.  Sorry, Seattle, but at least the Sonics will always be a good looking team. RIP.

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7. Los Angeles Lakers- not much different from the uniforms they wear today, which are among the best in sports.  Purple numbers as opposed to the current white, the white outline on them, and the scoop neck collar are the only big differences between these and the new ones, but in my opinion, these are much better and I’m always excited to see when today’s Lakers pull them out.

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6. Chicago Bulls- their second entry on the list.  Before MJ really took off, they wore these red uniforms with “Chicago” written on the front in cursive.  Name literally anything more iconic than MJ at the dunk contest his rookie year, wearing the 1s, this uniform, and the gold chain. I dare you.

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5. Toronto Raptors- again we have some stripes to go along with a giant image of the team’s mascot.  I’m surprising myself but not putting this higher because it is an absolute gem, but hey, they look really dated, which is why they aren’t higher on this list.  If pictures of dinosaurs on jerseys were still in style in the year of our Lord 2017, it may have been higher, but for now #5 will have to suffice.

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4. Charlotte Hornets- Pinstripes and a unique color lands the Hornets at #4.  Ask just about anyone who lived through the ’90s and they will tell you teal was violently overused on sports uniforms, but the Hornets a rare instance where it actually works.  The new Hornets uniforms take inspiration from these, but they can’t hold a candle to them.

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3.Utah Jazz- worn during the height of the Jazz’s success, these mountain-inspired uniforms are synonymous with Jazz greats Karl Malone and John Stockton.  After these the Jazz went into a uniform identity crisis of sorts, not knowing whether to use the mountain-inspired look or go back to their roots as the New Orleans Jazz.  Their current uniforms definitely embrace the old-school Jazz identity, and they’re good, but these are timeless and define the team’s most successful period.

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2. Orlando Magic- going back to the early days of one of the league’s newest teams, the uniforms they wore in that era are incomparable to anything they wore after.  Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe it’s simply that these were a dope look in white, blue, or black, but when it was Penny and Shaq playing together, bad things were bound to happen to the other team, and they could not look better while doing so.

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1. Phoenix Suns- specifically the purple ones.  The black ones are fire too, but the purple is just too hot, about as hot as the sun to be specific.  It’s a shame the Suns uniforms have only gone downhill since they wore these bad boys, but then again, anything they donned after these would have been a downgrade.

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2017 Dunk Contest

After high expectations, the NBA’s annual All-Star Saturday night was a total dud.  After opening with a thoroughly entertaining skills competition which Kristaps Porzingis won, the three point contest was sufficiently boring enough to where I thought of changing the channel until the dunk contest was on.  The highlight of the night was raising money for the Sager Foundation, where DJ Khaled actually made a shot and Steph Curry didn’t. (OK, this one’s a little bit of a cheap shot considering Steph was put on the spot like that and that he was shooting from half court, but really? We have seen it all now. )  Finally, after the presentation to the Sager Foundation, it was time for the night’s marquee event.  Yet, this year’s dunk contest left much to be desired

I will admit, there was one moment where I was almost shocked.  That came on Aaron Gordon’s first attempt, where he tried to go between the legs after catching the ball dropped from the drone.  Though he missed it, and took three more tries to actually finish it, the thought of him doing it got my mind back to last year’s contest where it seemed like anything was possible.  It was, then, difficult to watch him miss this dunk three times, convert the fourth, and then not even finish on his second dunk of the round, only to go home without properly getting to display what he had.  This can be attributed to his injury, so credit to Gordon for showing up where other people may not have, but it definitely hindered his performance and let us all down.

DeAndre Jordan, to almost nobody’s surprise, did not do all that great.  I think this proves we shouldn’t have big guys in the dunk contest, simply because they just can’t compete against players who can really fly.  He did dunk over DJ Khaled at a DJ table, which was the highlight of the first round.  However, the dunk was nothing special at all and DJ was booted after the first round.

To be fair, there was absolutely no way it would have ever lived up to last year’s showdown. The competition last year was one for the ages, and moving forward it’s difficult not to compare this year’s contest to that one.  However, trying it see it as objectively as possible, 2017’s contest plainly sucked.  How many times did either Glen Robinson III or Derrick Jones Jr. attempt a dunk where they tried to jump over at least one person?  Too many to count.  The worse part is is that Jones failed to convert a few times, and Robinson was in a position to lose even though he made all of his dunks.  Speaking of Derrick Jones Jr., he did not impress like everyone thought he might.  He has only played 20 minutes in 7 NBA games, so nerves definitely could have been a factor.  Even if he didn’t leave the dunk contest making everyone think he is the best thing since sliced bread, he did show that he was there to compete, and should he get the chance next year I really think he’ll bring it.  His shoes- all gold Supreme x Nike Air Uptempos- were certainly the winner of the night.  Sorry Glen Robinson III.

The best dunk of the night belonged to Robinson- the 360 between the legs dab.  However, it was nothing we hadn’t seen before, just arranged differently.  Robinson’s other three dunks were dunks over people, which isn’t anything new by any means.   The first and last were virtually the same, and the only way the third one was different was because Robinson windmilled it.  Credit to Robinson, he didn’t miss any dunks, and the dunks he made were clean.  Yet, this year’s dunk contest was disappointing.  Hopefully tonight’s All-Star game will make up for it.